Thankful for clean-up of Princes and Russell Streets

Dear Editor,

This letter serves to express my heartfelt thanks to those responsible for the clean-up action taken at the corner of Princes and Russell streets, on February 14th. I am grateful that someone in authority listened to my appeal for help. I am assuming that the Government of Guyana in conjunction with the City Council was responsible for the clean-up effort. We are truly appreciative of their intervention in this matter.

I was pleasantly surprised two weeks ago, when I saw a group of individuals, whom I assumed were City Council workers, turn up with an excavator and chainsaws and commence clearing up all the debris, which was so much that they had to work almost the entire day to complete the task. The restoration of the Garden City could indeed become a reality sooner rather than later, if cleaning the city is consistently done with the diligence that that group of individuals exhibited. However, as I pointed out in my previous letter, the cooperation of all citizens is necessary if the capital city is to be restored to its former glory.

The only challenge that remains for us, the residents of the Princes and Russell streets environs, is the unoccupied lot that is not being cleaned by its owner. If the owner continues to be negligent regarding the cleaning of her property, it will, once again attract delinquent persons who will dispose of their garbage there. Now that the place is clean the individual I spoke of in my previous letter who collects garbage from business places and burns it there, is not doing it anymore, but can we say that he has stopped? As long as the vacant property remains with the bushes on it, it gives him the chance to burn garbage in between the bushes at the back of the unoccupied lot. So, we still could be bothered by the smoke. Several reports were made, but to date, no action has been taken. This individual is being inadvertently facilitated by the owner of the unoccupied lot. This is not happening anywhere else in the street, because residents are residing on their properties and are keeping them clean. As previously mentioned, when Mr Royston King implements the council’s plan to treat with negligent property owners, that property would indeed be the ideal place to start.

Heartfelt thanks once again to Mr Royston King and the City Council for their involvement in the clean-up effort (providing my assumption is correct). I know that the council is strapped for cash and cannot do as many things as they would like to do, but they made this situation, one of priority.

Yours faithfully,

Arthur Taylor

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