Canal No 1 project causing thick dust

Dear Editor,

The people of inner Bagotville have over the past three weeks experienced what one may call the insensitivity of the administration of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

During the Burnham era, a department known as Development Support Communication was established within the Ministry of Works, I think it was, to inform the public about development works undertaken by the government. That department used radio, newspapers and notice boards to signal when the project would be carried out, where, its duration and the agency responsible. Those notices were published long in advance of the commencement of the project and the cooperation and support of the impacted communities were solicited.

It was only after some residents expressed their disgust and dissatisfaction with the lack of notification of the commencement of the project to the media that paltry efforts were made to mitigate the existing conditions from which residents suffer.

Currently, the houses, yards and flower plants on the southern side of the Canal Number One road are covered with a thick layer of dust. That situation has begun to affect people’s lungs. Some have begun to experience asthmatic conditions. It is only recently that efforts have been made to sprinkle water to suppress the dust storm after each vehicle blazes along the road.

Why was it not possible to find a better way to undertake this project? Was no other option available?

Yours faithfully,

Hubert C Roberts

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