Government should implement Region Six motion providing school transportation for sugar workers’ children

Dear Editor,

During his last cabinet press briefing Minister Harmon mentioned that the three tiers of government must work together in order for it to be successful in serving the people.

This is not what happens, and it is evident that the Minister only speaks in respect of local government authorities. Many decisions that are agreed upon by a majority or even unanimously are not respected and implemented by the government appointed Regional Executive Officers in the Regional Democratic Councils which are governed by the People’s Progressive Party.

Just a few months ago a motion was unanimously agreed upon by the Regional Democratic Council Region Six to provide transportation for the school children of affected sugar workers, but to date there has been no implementation. Government may want to give the excuse that this expense was not budgeted for so it can’t be implemented.

Government should know that when three David ‘G’ buses were provided in one year, the expenses for drivers, fuel and maintenance were taken out from the budget when these had not been catered for in the budget. The sustenance of the David ‘G’ bus programme is costing taxpayers millions but to date the programme is maintained. So why can’t sugar workers’ children enjoy the same benefit?

Minister Amna Ally at the Fyrish, Corentyne handing-over ceremony of a David ‘G’ bus said that Region Six did not vote for them but the coalition government still supported the people.

The coalition government should then give clearance for the motions to be implemented immediately to help these poor children go to school.

The President at almost all the five B’s programmes reminds people that children should be given equal access to education.

Yours faithfully,

Zamal Hussain

RDC Councillor

Region Six

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