Marketing Guyana’s potential

Dear Editor,

Grow plantain and make plantain chips?

While growing plantain and making plantain chips will replace imported plantain chips saving a little foreign currency, it will not replace the foreign currency lost through the “downsizing” of Guyana’s sugar industry.

While the APNU+AFC Government of President David Granger focuses on saving foreign exchange they are not focused on gaining foreign currency.

They have not really thought about Guyana’s oil potential.

It has been nearly three years now since oil was discovered offshore Guyana yet we have only had one major investment forum to attract investors to Guyana.

Clearly, what the Government can do is to market Guyana’s oil potential a bit better by travelling abroad to sensitise most of the major oil producing countries to our oil potential which they have not done.

It is good that we have oil but if you are not going to market and sell the oil but wait for foreigners to do it for us then Guyana will remain underdeveloped.

It is not just about oil. It is about using the oil discovery to market our other industries like rice, sugar, bauxite, gold, fisheries, timber, etc. It is about marketing Guyana’s potential.

Yours faithfully,

Sean Ori

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