Gaskin’s comparisons of Ghana, Guyana contracts misleading

Dear Editor,

I must confess that I find Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin an eminently personable gentleman and doubt that he would deliberately mislead or misrepresent information fed to the public. Unfortunately, his recent presentation at the recent Private Sector Commission Seminar attempting to contrast the Ghana and Guyana Petroleum contracts as one of royalty and tax on the one hand and royalty and production sharing on the other, fell into the category of misleading and misrepresentation.

While Mr Gaskin must take responsibility for the misrepresentation, whoever wrote that part of his presentation did him and the nation a great disservice.  For information, I set out herein relevant comparisons. I leave it to readers to judge for themselves whether Mr Gaskin’s statement was accurate.The honourable thing now is for Mr. Gaskin to acknowledge his grave error.

Yours faithfully,

Christopher Ram

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