Mash was better under the PPP/C

Dear Editor,

A GC report dated March 11, 2018, captioned ‘Mash 2018 hailed a resounding success’ quoted

Dr George Norton, Social Cohesion Minister as saying, “Mashramani 2018 surpassed our expectations”, and Mr Christopher Jones, Director of Sports as commenting, “Mash is back and 2018 was it.”

With respect to them, it is my opinion that it was under the governance of the PPP/C that the Mash celebrations were some of the most memorable, for many reasons.

Digicel’s participation over the years in the Mash event made it a household name, and it has now become the missing link. Jumo Primo in my opinion is the pioneer of Power Soca and second to none. Hands down. He has also become a household name. Others can now aspire to accomplish what he has accomplished, but they are a long way behind. Digicel and Jumo together are what I call show stoppers; it doesn’t get better than that.

Digicel spilled over with their participation in 2016 (I think) when the event started at the Stabroek Square when APNU+AFC were in office, and they were in a league of their own. Unfortunately, Digicel pulled out for whatever reason and yes, I missed them in partnership with Jumo Primo during the Mash 2018 event. I was disappointed when I only learnt on the same day that the company did not register.

Dr Norton and Mr Jones represent the government of the day and it is expected that they have to be bold and beautiful in their commentaries, but I beg to differ. I have absolutely no affiliation with the PPP/C, but Mash under the PPP/C will always be special for many reasons, and it was the last time we witnessed it moving along Church Street, and the National Park was the final venue for judging. That I miss to the core of my being.

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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