President Granger’s legacy will not come through his name being constantly promoted

Dear Editor,

When I saw a cream bus transporting schoolchildren with David Granger’s name emblazoned on its side, I was propelled into a state of amazement. Then I plummeted back to the reality of realizing that I am in Guyana where leaders operate with impunity. Is this almost an insidious imposition of reverence? We might progress into mimicking North Korea and other countries which revere their leaders with, in some cases, any criticism of the leader being dealt with severely. Usually in those societies, the leader’s photograph or image is regularly displayed in public. The world’s most prolific philanthropists never crave accolades whenever they do good through their sizable donations. They tend to adopt the biblical teachings that one should practise humility and render unpublicised assistance. Furthermore, it dawned on me that the government is conveying an intention to remain in power, whether they intend to or are just hoping to. As it is natural that whichever incoming administration will remove the President’s name from these buses, it will result in additional expense for the state, with an already ailing economy.

I try to see the logic, and any frailty that is a common trait among us humans in this act of our President. I think that we all want to carve our name in history. However, our legacy should come from noble conduct and notable achievement without self-aggrandizement.

President Granger’s legacy will not come through his name being constantly promoted, even though it was his initiative that implemented the use of buses for Guyanese children attending schools. A praiseworthy deed. His legacy will come through humility, genuine compassion and realizing that the power of his office comes with a wide range of responsibilities towards everyone.

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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