Town Clerk and officers have not responded to letters about nuisance instruction

Dear Editor,

I would like to express my total disappointment in the lack of respect shown me by the Town Clerk and Councillors as well as their officers. I am a senior citizen and pensioner who has fulfilled all of my financial and other obligations to the council for the year 2018.

An abatement of nuisance notice had been served on me and my neighbour by the council’s Public Health Department instructing us to erect separate septic tanks in our respective premises. The notice was dated 9th February 2017.

Editor, I have complied with council’s instruction but to date, one year later, my neighbour has not complied with it, and this is causing me great inconvenience all because of the illegal structure they have erected.

I have written to all of the relevant officers regarding this matter (document enclosed) and now this is my last resort to bring this matter to closure. Neither the Town Clerk nor any of his officers to whom I sent letters have had the courtesy to acknowledge my correspondence from 2017 to date. However, unlike them, I am affording the Town Clerk and the council the courtesy of publicly informing them that I have no other alternative than to take legal action in the court against them.

Yours faithfully,

David Noel

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