Each Councillor has a voice at the Georgetown City Council

Dear Editor,

Please refer to an article which appeared in your Stabroek News issue of Friday March 16, 2018 on page. 14 headlined: ‘Chase-Green re-elected as Mayor -Akeem Peter is new Deputy as AFC “kicked to the curb.”’

In this article statements have been attributed to certain Councillors, in particular, Councillor Lionel Jaikaran who states, inter alia: “AFC… kicked to the curb.” This comment attributed to the Councillor is very strange and particularly worrying, as it seems to suggest that since he was not returned as Deputy Mayor through a democratic process, this prevents him from making a contribution to the work of the council.

Whilst I am not competent to comment on the political aspect of this statement, it is important and necessary for me to point out that each Councillor has a voice at the Georgetown City Council whether that Councillor holds the position of Mayor, Deputy Mayor or Chairman of any committee. The challenge is how and for what purpose Councillors are using their voices, in and beyond the Council Chamber.

It is public knowledge that within recent times some members of the council have been using their voices to disseminate inaccurate information and even fake news to adversely affect the image and reputation of the council, to erode public confidence and trust in its work, and to undermine its authority, while others have been making efforts not only to improve the work of council but also the quality of life in the local communities.

Citizens would recall that, three years ago the city was left to rot to the point where some citizens were moved to suggest that perhaps it would be a good thing to relocate the capital of our nation and that Georgetown was beyond restoration.

However, six months after the new national and local administrations took office in May 2015 they turned around the fortunes of the city, changed its image and improve public health and safety. Citizens no longer have to worry about heavy overtopping after five minutes of rain, as they did in the past, and the city is clearer, greener, and healthier. Even our harshest critics would agree with us.

That, notwithstanding, this new and improved condition of George-town was achieved through the collective effort and responsibility of the entire Georgetown City Council. It is therefore clear that the continued success of the council to sustainably restore and develop Georgetown depends heavily on the full cooperation not only of all of the officials at the Georgetown municipality but also all the citizens of Georgetown.

Yours faithfully

Royston King

Town Clerk

City of Georgetown

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