Government should return Bachelors Adventure backlands

Dear Editor,

The residents of Bachelors Adventure met on Sunday, 11th March and agreed to invite representatives of GuySuCo and the government to discuss the return of their backlands, which were stolen by the Bookers Sugar Estates in the 1950s.

Those lands were retaken under the PNC government and handed to GuySuCo, and this action has seriously affected the communities of Bachelors Adventure and Paradise and their environs to this day. With a growing housing community and the inevitable need to occupy our lands, we call on the Government of Guyana to return the land that our ancestors fought and died for on the 20th of August 1823. We support President David Granger’s vision of a green state, but how are we going to survive if our land isn’t returned to us?

A meeting of residents of Bachelors Adventure and Paradise is to be held on Sunday 18th March at the Paradise Government School at 4 pm to discuss this issue.

Yours faithfully,

Ras Aaron Blackman


Bachelors Adventure/Paradise

Agricultural Cooperative


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