WPA has stoutly given support to coalition but termination of Hinds, Lewis contracts shows there is little reciprocal support

Dear Editor,

The Working Peoples Alliance Over-seas Associates (WPAOA) condemns in the strongest possible terms the termination of the contracts of two public columnists by the Guyana Chronicle. No amount of spin control by the current editor of the newspaper can hide the fact that the decision to fire was politically inspired and directed. Like our fellow Guyanese, a wellspring of hope filled our bosoms when the APNU alliance was consolidated within the framework of the Cummings-burg Accord and publicly declared as such. We all perceived this to be a new beginning and a departure from the old politics. This act has brought home the reality that it was wishful thinking and the historical antagonisms of dominant party politics are alive and well.

This behaviour at the state-owned Guyana Chronicle has apparently survived successive administrations: the PNC, the PPP and now APNU+AFC.

The APNU+AFC, in spite of initial positive declarations and actions, has adopted the position of its forbears in attempting to control and dominate the press, thereby placing a shadow on the freedom of the press.

The WPAOA in standing in solidarity with Dr David Hinds and Mr Lincoln Lewis, salutes those board members who stood up for the principle of a democratic and independent media.

This recent action demonstrates that although the WPA as a political party has stoutly given support to the APNU+AFC coalition there is little reciprocal support. The WPAOA will only give support to those who respect the WPA and the democratic principles and political culture on which the party was founded, and would reconsider its support for any organization that continues to disrespect its principles, including support of the governing coalition.

Yours faithfully,

Keith Branch

Working Peoples Alliance Overseas


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