Gov’t must invest in continued economic growth of Rose Hall and Skeldon

Dear Editor,

Along the Atlantic coast of Berbice in what is known as the Corentyne there are 2 major towns that anchor the development of the area. Those being Rose Hall and Skeldon. It is quite substantial given the size of Berbice. Over the years there has been significant investment in these two areas to ensure banking, government, and commercial facilities are modernised and all the amenities of a 21st Century town are available in these 2 areas which support the surrounding communities.

The two sugar factories which carry the same name have been significant contributors to the stability and development of the Corentyne. With the ongoing focus on sustainable development it is important that there is continued investment opportunities in these areas, so as to ensure successful economic growth in this substantial part of Berbice. The University of Guyana campus in Tain and the technical development offered by GuySuCo over the years has enhanced the skills of the workforce in these areas and has positioned them well for future growth in multiple industries.

It is important that the government continues to nurture this development and quickly invests in the continued economic growth of these areas so as to reduce potential long term unemployment and economic slowing of this highly populated region. We as a nation must continue to do the responsible thing when it comes to our citizens and their long term well-being, while also keeping in mind the limited skilled human resources we have available in the country.

If we are serious about Guyana being for Guyanese, we must give first priority to our citizens when it comes to employment opportunities. If the local talent is available and the infrastructure is in place for successful investments in key areas of the country, as in the case of Rose Hall and Skeldon, then the overall payback on the projects undertaken will be shorter. Thus resulting in faster profitable growth for investors. Currently the plan to offset the economic impact of the closure of parts of GuySuCo is still unclear to the population of the affected areas. There is a communication gap that needs to be rectified if such a plan does exist.

Yours faithfully,

Jamil Changlee

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