We should learn from the cricket administrators of Scotland, Afghanistan

Dear Editor,

The West Indies Cricket Team will be playing in next year’s World 50-Over Competition after narrowly earning its place in the recently concluded ICC Qualifying Tournament in Zimbabwe. It was heartening for us West Indians that our team will be at the big dance, but we’ll be nervously watching for their mis-steps.

It is no secret that West Indies Test and 50-Over cricket have been mediocre for years, thus our being asked to show in Zimbabwe that we are still worthy. (O how the mighty have fallen!) Now that we have shown some worthiness, we must prepare to return to our days of glory. I should like to suggest two of the steps that can be taken to guide us on our re-march to the pinnacle of cricket.

The United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Scotland and Afghanistan (especially the latter two) appear to be well administered. If I were the Chairman of the West Indies Cricket Board, I would arrange to learn from their administrators. Secondly, as far as scheduling allows, the West Indies Cricket Team should play unofficial series against the four nations listed, as their cricket is rapidly developing while ours is stuck in mediocrity.

Yours faithfully,

Roy Brummell

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