Speed bumps urgently needed

Dear Editor,
Yet again, there has been another accident tonight at the junction of Crown Street and New Garden Street. These accidents are common. This one has seriously injured one driver who had a lady passenger who is pregnant. One car ended in the trench.
We have had a fair load of speed bumps installed in many places where one wonders why they have been put there. But no-one has looked at the accident statistics ‒ if these exist ‒ and seen that the above corner is extremely dangerous.
We need speed bumps on New Garden Street both ways and Crown Street both ways on this junction, similar to other junctions such as Church Street and New Garden (I think).
It is criminally irresponsible that the authorities cannot see the danger and put in the speed bumps. It is not a huge cost after all.
Please take note of this and install the speed bumps at the earliest opportunity to stop ruining citizens’ lives.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Bouchard

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