We should add questions citizens can answer to the ballot papers at the next local government elections

Dear Editor,

Our nation is blessed to have a high standard Elections Commission that is well staffed and funded to provide us with reliable general and local government elections, I would like to suggest to our administration that we utilize these events to not only elect officials but to add questions to the ballot and let the people of the nation have their say on the issues that affect our daily lives.

Questions such as the decriminalization of marijuana possession, casinos, Cari-com, in or out, term limits, gay marriage, the death penalty can all be asked and answered during the next local government election at no extra cost to the taxpayer with a simple addition of a question sheet for citizens to make their views known.

Should this system be implemented, Guyanese will become more involved in the electoral process, and candidates’ views on issues will become more important that the colour of their skin (one can hope). I envision true democracy blooming and a nation where the will of the people is implemented and Guyana will indeed be a happier place to live.

Your faithfully,

Robin Singh


Youth Movement Guyana

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