Dear Editor,

One is confused about the report concerning an anonymous ‘representative’ of the SPU boasting to an uninitiated reporter of grinding at Enmore Estate on Tuesday night, March 20.

Authentically the ‘man’ who spoke would have had to be a former management staffer at the Enmore factory. How else could he have evaluated Tuesday night’s (which shifts) performance as against that of ‘December, 2017 and prior’? What an obfuscation – compounded by the targeted tonnage of canes to be ground, totally without reference to the canes that were harvested to start this ‘40-45%’ increased production.

Just how would an ‘SPU official’ know how ‘boilers where most extensive work was performed… should now function as if they were new’?

One would have to be a very senior citizen to recall when the boilers were ‘new’

But then the ‘man’ is also referred to as a ‘source’. Just how many personalities did the reporter speak to: representative; official; man; source.

For it does come across as if the same persona is an agriculturalist – in total, an anonymous phenomenon, with ‘over 100 contracted employees’.

Yours faithfully,

E B John

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