Dr Jagan meant well for Guyana and was an honest man

Dear Editor,

Much has been written in the media on the role played by Dr Jagan in the liberation struggle for a free, democratic and modern Guyana. In addition, several activities were held by a number of organizations and institutions, including the University of Guyana in his honour.

The fact that there were so many tributes paid to this outstanding son of the soil from so many individuals, some of whom are not known to be sympathetic to Dr Jagan, speaks to a diverse body of opinion that is appreciative of his commitment to the cause of a better Guyana.

Even those who disagree with him ideologically and philosophically agree on one thing, namely that he meant well for Guyana and that he was an honest man. No one could point an accusing finger when it comes to issues of integrity and the manner in which he conducted his personal life.  He was never interested in personal riches even though he could have enjoyed a comfortable life as a medical professional.

The point I am seeking to make is that Dr Jagan’s greatness resulted as much from his personal attributes as from his political activism and love for country. Political morality means a lot to people and I believe that it was Dr Jagan’s humility, integrity, decency and honesty which, coupled with his commitment and dedication to cause which resulted in him being so highly regarded by people from all walks of life right across the ethnic and political spectrum.

Dr Jagan is undoubtedly a role model for those who have an interest in politics. Putting individual before self is a virtue that is universally appreciated and one of the hallmarks of a successful leader.

Yours faithfully,
Hydar Ally

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