Trump’s sexual harassment should be investigated

Dear Editor,

I equate President Donald Trump’s behaviour with the sexual harassment by celebrities and others, recently investigated and revealed. Trump has been named as one of the perpetrators included in the ‘Me Too’ movement but no investigation has been carried out on him or charges laid. His position as President has probably barred such an investigation. It was because of the status of the now named perpetrators that their nefarious acts were swept under the carpet for so long. It is ironic that in his campaign remarks, Trump said that immigrants from Mexico were bringing crime and some were rapists. He is now being accused of similar acts.

Another ironic thing revolving around Trump is when he said that the investigation into his collusion with Russia relating to that country’s alleged interference in the US elections is making America look bad. He makes America look bad by his numerous remarks and conduct. His reckless stance on serious issues, his racism, xenophobia, narcissism, childishness ‒ and the list goes on ‒ leaves the world appalled.

In concert with the campaigns launched by the Me Too and Time Is Up movements, an investigation should be conducted to make Trump accountable for those blatant acts of sexual misconduct. Time is up! He has done so much in his first year of leadership to alienate, antagonize and hurt others, even countries, including his own. Even the greatest nation on earth is being sent on a downward spiral with Trump’s leadership, or lack thereof.

He wants his colleagues in his administration and even people generally, to idolize and heap praise on him for his every action. This ironically puts him in the same bracket as the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung Un whom he condemns as a dictator, among other defamatory descriptions.

The world is now on tenterhooks as we await ‘The Donald’s’ next move, or rather, next blunder.

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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