Granger believes in dictatorship

Dear Editor,

President David Granger over the Easter weekend visited Region Six to distribute kites in two towns, Rose Hall and Corriverton, but surprisingly he decided to leave his fleet of vehicles behind to visit by helicopter.

The sudden change of transportation from ground to air leaves questions to be answered. It would seem however the President was afraid that protesters would picket him at the Berbice bridge entrance, so he decided to change his mode of transportation. Unfortunately for him the protesters outsmarted him and picketed at Republic Square Corriverton, where the kite-distribution activity was held.

The picketers were disgusted about his presence in this historic place where on the 22nd of February 2018 one of Granger’s ministers was instrumental in stopping a national event, and the police even seized the National Flag. President Granger, a so-called advocate of local democracy had his best chance to show the protesters and the people of Corriveton that he is not a dictator by apologising to them.

The distribution of kites with Granger pictures pasted on them and the refusal to take the necessary action on a national issue suggests that Mr Granger believes in dictatorship.

Yours faithfully,

Zamal Hussain  

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