Granger should implement Bar Association recommendation on top acting judicial appointments

Dear Editor,

The recent recommendation by the Bar Association for the appointment of both the acting Chancellor and Chief Justice of the Judiciary to substantive positions would be good to end the unfortunate situation of two senior jurists acting for far too long.

The fact that acting Chancellor Cummings-Edwards, has presided in Guyana with an excellent record in many settings, must give her the advantage in the impasse over the President’s nomination.  Following through on the Bar Association’s recommendation would be the solution to prevent a long process of non-agreement between government and opposition. This is a throwback to the unfortunate situation where a remarkable Guyanese jurist, Justice Chang, was in an acting position for over a decade under the previous administration. The stability of Guyana’s justice system must be priority over personal wishes. I strongly urge that the President implements the recommendation of the Bar Association of Guyana.

Yours faithfully,

Davendra Anand Sharma

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