Dear Editor,

Since Mabaruma has been labelled a town, its infrastructure has improved to a respectable level.

We are receiving the types of roads that we were asking for many years ago. The airstrip road has been completed, the road from Kumaka to the junction has been completed, and currently they are working on the Mabaruma road to the secondary school.

There are also some new structures. In the administrative area of the Mabaruma compound I am also seeing a few concrete fences being constructed. The police station in Mabaruma has just being reconstructed and has an acceptable appearance. The police relationship with different communities has improved. The officer in charge has cordial relations with the public and because of that he is gaining respect from the public.

The municipality of Mabaruma is transforming the town into a much more beautiful place. Let’s start with the market at Kumaka which when complete will accommodate the vendors from the Kumaka water front. The remigrants and every vendor will be placed in their appropriate place with no discrimination. The refurbishing of the regional bond at Kumaka was finished a few months ago and now has a respectable appearance.

The municipality is working on roads and bridges in different communities, with bus sheds along the roads, upgrading structures in the settlement ground and establishing a new sports ground at Waini. They are presently contemplating the Barabina road project, which is in demand.

The physical upgrading of this new town tells a story; you can walk at Kumaka and look up into the sky without falling down. A mother can take her baby for a ride in a pram. Some also used it as a dance floor. Now some persons are seeing the significance in having local elections.

One of the most exciting and attractive projects so far is the solar farm which is situated at Khans Hill. This solar energy will deliver three-quarters of the electricity, while the fossil energy will take care of the remainder. This economical project is intended to cut the fuel cost.

The radio station is keeping the sub region very informed on 95.1F.M.

On the other side of things, some fishermen were attacked by pirates a few weeks ago in the vicinity of Kam Water which is in Guyana waters. Two boats were attacked the same day hours apart. They both lost two engines each, food and gasoline; they were left adrift at sea. They were rescued by a passing boat. One of the fishermen had a phone concealed so he call Morowhanna Police Station, but their boat and engine were unavailable. But they asked them to make contact with the floating station, but no contact was made.

Yours faithfully,

Michael Hope  

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