Government ads are unnecessarily long

Dear Editor,

The plethora of unnecessarily long and repetitious Vacancy Ads and Invitations to Bid by various governmental agencies, especially the Ministry of Health, caught my attention almost as an irritant yesterday as I read through the daily newspapers.

While it is commendable that these opportunities are given full publicity, such objectives can just as well, if not more effectively be achieved, without the unnecessarily repetitious and lengthy instructions on how to apply. It does not take much common sense to see that most of the Ads could have been combined with just one set of instructions as to how/where/when to apply. At over eight hundred dollars ($800+) per column inch, think of the thousands of dollars that could have been saved.

Then, rather bizarrely, the Ministry of the Presidency/EPA placed a full page Ad which indicated the website where full details and Terms of Reference of a position can be had but went on to detail the said terms of reference in the Ad; furthermore, one had to carefully comb through the verbiage to ‘discover’ what the position was being advertised!

Such apparent disregard for cost-benefit processes and actions by people who spend taxpayers’ money should not be allowed to continue the drag on our meagre resources (with apologies to our media houses who understandably might not take kindly to my observations).

Yours faithfully,

Nowrang Persaud

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