Social media helped end donkey’s suffering

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, April 10 around 11.30 am I received a facebook message and photo from Leon Andy Targoonchandrue,  Mahaicony, about a donkey that had been suffering for several days. I asked him to tie the donkey and leave him water while I made contact with the authorities. He did. I then called the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) and informed them about the donkey’s condition. They gave me the cell number for Doctor Joel Orlando Dilchand, the vet responsible for that area. I called the good doctor and within 30 minutes he was at the location and was shocked to see the animal’s condition. The donkey had screw worms in the right shoulder blade, a broken leg, and lacerations on his testicles, among other injuries. He recommended euthanasia but did not have the drug. Luckily, there was a licensed firearm holder in the area, who was willing to put the suffering animal to sleep. Dr Joel Orlando Dilchand went to Mahaicony Police Station and informed them about the situation. They sent an officer to make sure the animal’s suffering ended. The doctor then called the NDC for that area, who removed the body the same day.

Editor, GLDA has come to the assistance of many suffering large animals especially in rural areas. Thanks to Dr Dwight Waldron, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of GLDA, who goes out of his way to make sure help is given in a timely manner. Thanks are also due to the GLDA team of vets for helping animals recover and in some cases end their suffering humanely and timely.

Thanks to social media this donkey’s suffering ended.

Yours faithfully,
Syeada Manbodh

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