Dear Editor,

It was the last man standing that just became king for Guyana at Australia’s Commonwealth Games 2018.  I refer to Mr Troy Doris, Gold Medallist, who I believe has also just made history for Guyana. That’s a double whammy; an absolutely brilliant accomplishment.

On a social media forum with GOA’s President, Mr K Juman Yassin, a few days ago, I commented that I expected Troy Doris and Winston George to make the finals of their respective events because they are way too experienced not to make it happen. Unfortunately, Winston George’s times in the semi-finals did not allow him to make the finals, so it was now left for the last man standing (Troy Doris) to live up to expectations. Lo and behold, he earned the gold medal in the triple jump and that sealed it for me, and saved the day for the entire Team Guyana.

What should we expect from Guyana as a gift to Troy Doris? Absolutely nothing to talk about.

What did Guyana award Gold Medallist Aliann Pompey for her win in the Women’s 400m at the 2002 Commonwealth Games?

Perhaps the government could consider two independent postage stamps with both Troy Doris and Aliann Pompey for their respective years of wins showcasing their gold medals. I wouldn’t mind the honour of taking photos of them both free of charge.

Loud applause goes out to the other athletes of Team Guyana for their efforts and I say, they should keep pushing the button and who knows, Guyana could shine brighter at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games?

Yours faithfully,

T Pemberton

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