Opinions of diaspora oil experts should be taken into consideration

Dear Editor,

The Guyana government has been receiving severe criticism from Guyanese and non-Guyanese alike for the terms and conditions of the agreement executed with Exxon. The main critics in Georgetown are from attorney and accountant, Christopher Ram, and a few opposition members, but detailed and important points were raised by Guyanese in the diaspora.

Unfortunately our home-based countrymen and women are somewhat resentful about us in the diaspora giving our views; they don’t give a hoot about what we have to say. Their derisive comment is that members of the diaspora ran away when things were bad so why are we now trying to “interfere”. They feel that we now want to take a piece of their long awaited cake. That’s the reality.

The current power-brokers in government have tunnel vision and would not entertain our contributions, especially given who we are. However, be that as it may, we must continue to soldier on. Most members of the diaspora in the US feel that we should have four oil companies: a holding company to hold the assets; a marketing company to market gas and oil; an off-shore company to conduct the operations and an on-shore company to conduct the operations.

The arrangements now in place are far from being satisfactory. Even the oppressive IMF has recently criticized the contract which the Guyana government finalized with ExxonMobil; they literally said that Guyana did not get its fair share. Perhaps that’s the reason why Raphael Trotman was removed as the Minister.

The US Ambassador slammed Guyanese who are criticizing the Exxon deal stating that Guyana will make 10.5 billion per year which is three times the current GDP. Unfortunately no official has criticized the diplomat for his unfortunate comments.

There are several highly qualified Guyanese in the diaspora who are experts in the oil/gas areas,  and their opinions should be taken into consideration because they do not want the country of their birth to be taken for a ride;  they are not interested in a piece of the pie at all.

Yours faithfully,

Oscar Ramjeet

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