Dear Editor,

As we get older, particularly if, it seems, we were members of The Penumbrians or of the Y’s Men’s Club, we sometimes over-reach.  It is in that vein that I note yesterday’s letter by EB John: ‘There are 3472 vacancies in education delivery’ which seems an attempt to fill a gap arising out of my failure to send at least one letter to Stabroek News commenting on the Vacancy Notice published by the Teaching Service Commission this year.

I do not know how EB John arrived at his totals.  I can only speculate that in announcing that there are 557 vacancies for Heads of Nursery schools, he thinks that some Nursery schools have vacancies for 3 or 4 (or more!) Heads.  Perhaps he would wish to check his Mathematics (and perhaps English comprehension!) again.

As for me, for now ‘I gaan bak in gool.’

Yours faithfully,

George N Cave

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