Ram’s statement that Granger should issue an apology to the nation over the oil contract is profound

Dear Editor,

In expressing my opinion yet again on the flawed oil contract between the Guyanese governments and ExxonMobil (EM), I would like to include one of the most strident voices against the way in which it was done, in the form of Mr Christopher Ram. Mr Ram’s statement that President Granger should issue an apology to the nation because of that type of contract, is one of the most profound and unexpected of all his statements in his debates and objections. He, more than many others, should not believe that an apology would be forthcoming. Should that apology materialise, it would be as shocking as the diabolical contract.

Mr Ram’s legal and accounting views on the contract have weight in the minds of Guyanese, and probably people further afield. I think that they will also have weight in a court of law. The time has never been better and more vital to prove how democratic, patriotic and resilient we are. Guyana comes under the umbrella of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). This matter is as serious as President Granger taking the border controversy with Venezuela, to an international forum. I am sure that Mr Ram’s appeal will not have to be done alone with so many people from an eclectic group voicing concerns similar to his. With his qualifications, there may not be anyone more fitting to lead this charge.

The nation and future generations depend on him. This will undoubtedly carve his name into the psyches of all Guyanese and into posterity in Guyana and further afield.

Yours faithfully,

Conrad Barrow

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