The Gold Board was lulled into complacency

Dear Editor,

It is very understandable why the GGMC workers are doubly frustrated that the Guyana Gold Board cannot condense the mercury vapour out of the environment.

The GGMC has its own gold lab and carried out the right procedures by employing a scrubber to eliminate mercury from the environment. When the Gold Board lab arrived in the GGMC compound (ca 2003) its operators were advised by the GGMC chemists, who I helped to train 10 years earlier, to set up their own lab.

It is now evident, that that advice has been or has become disregarded; that the security from theft and the security of gold money has lulled the Gold Board into complacency about adherence to standards and procedures of safety. Will we ever know who or what is responsible for this?

Yours faithfully,

Alfred Bhulai

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