Triumph Front Lands is now a Bush Trail

Dear Editor,

Incessant noise nuisance from Mon Repos North, a neighbouring village, the flooding of yards and streets when it rains, a poor telephone service, and pile driving-collapsing homes, more? Yes! A semi-circle roadway, Dasrat Street, measuring some 600 metres, is now known as the Bush Trail. It runs through a coastal village of Triumph Front Lands, and is under the jurisdiction of the BV/Triumph Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

Access to the Bush Trail is through two points from a BV/Triumph main road, running perpendicular to it, all akin to a protractor shape, the latter under the responsibility of the Region 4 Regional Democratic Council (RDC).

With a seemingly complicit and hopeless NDC, the RDC last week took the prize for relegating citizens of this community to the status of animals by paving a part of the Bush Trail, and earlier paving part of BV/Triumph Main Road, leaving disjointed sections impassable at times, reminiscent of the Kurupukari to Lethem trail when it rains.

To sum up we have now have two sections of Bush Trail neatly separating the first class roads. Progress never ceases in this part of the world! I guess the trick here is to bring eco-tourism like hinterland conditions to the coast, where access is cheaper!

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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