Do our present leaders foresee a modern Guyana?

Dear Editor,

Back in 1990, the PNC government sold our only telecommunications company to a foreign entity and granted them a monopoly for forty years. The negotiators in the government never visualised that the internet would become the game changer for countries around the world. Telecommunication, particularly the internet has had a tremendous impact on mankind. Every aspect of our lives is impacted by the interconnectivity of each other. Regrettably, twenty-eight years after the signing of that contract the people of Guyana have had to suffer and remain technologically under-developed while progressive countries have advanced.

Today, we witness the very same government attempting to sign a forty year contract with another foreign company. This contract hands over the management of prime real estate and income derived from our city parapets to Smart City Solutions. I can only assume that residues from the 1990 administration may be responsible for this contract. Only persons of an advanced age will make such backward decisions. They do not possess an understanding of the future impact of technology on city management. Maybe our current leaders do not foresee a modern Guyana!

Yours faithfully,

M Craig

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