Some Essequibo parks need resiting, others cleaning

Dear Editor,

On my way to Charity, Saturday 21st March, my eyes caught sight of a beautiful park at Fear Not between Danielstown and Sparta, Essequibo. I decided to have a closer look, and I drove around it from front to back. It was a well-designed and laid-out park with fancy lights. It was well paved inside with a metallic surface, two canteens, a sanitary facility at the back and a good fence. This is the most beautiful park in Guyana, although one thing I cannot understand is why it was constructed there. This park should have been at Anna Regina which is a busy area and has a large population of children and adults.

Alternatively, it could have been constructed at Cotton Field, opposite the Ministry of Education building where there are many government offices and schools. It would have been better utilized  with school children and teachers after school hours or in the morning. The REO should be complimented for erecting such a beautiful park, but it is in the wrong place. It looked as though he wanted to spread out these parks in the various communities so no one could accuse him of favouritism. I can see that he has a love for beauty, which is why he has constructed a beautiful state house which is very attractive next to the GBTI Bank.

A lot of money has been spent on parks and planting flowering trees to beautify the township and other places since the REO assumed office. He should make sure that these parks are secure and not vandalized by thieves and other mischief-makers. He should now move to help develop the Cheddi Jagan children’s play park at Anna Regina, by planting trees and flowers and paving it from the gate to the monument. This will help to preserve our history. The Devonshire Castle monument to slain sugar workers also needs to be properly fenced and painted like the one around Damon’s monument in Anna Regina.

The monument to the 18 slaves who bought Good Hope needs a face-lift; it is hidden within bushes and is shabby looking. This area needs to be cleaned and preserved; after all, they were our forefathers who fought for our freedom. It’s a disgrace to see where this monument is sited; it could be erected in front of the Good Hope school where visitors and people could visit it. Finally, I would like to urge the REO to continue his good work for the betterment of Region Two and work in unity with his counterpart. “United we stand, Divided we fall.”

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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