The authorities should regularly service traffic lights

Dear Editor,

With reference to my last letter of concern published in your SN on April 20th, titled

‘Does the GPF have a section responsible for traffic lights?’ It is sad to say there was yet another accident at the Camp Street and Brickdam junction with two cars last Saturday, 21st April. Both drivers were unharmed, although their vehicles suffered a few broken lights.

While pointing out the above mentioned, it is with this same breath that I must give my earnest gratitude and credit to the members of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure for recognizing the importance of working traffic lights and making an advance towards correcting the issue with the said traffic lights on Monday 23rd April. It has moved from being completely off to flashing Red. I would have also appreciated the 5 questions from my last letter answered for public knowledge and information.

I do hope, however, that my letter did not only trigger the relevant authorities to take action in fixing the Camp Street and Brickdam traffic lights, but also to do regular servicing and checkups of these and other traffic lights throughout Guyana. I would recommend servicing be done at least every 4 months.

Yours faithfully

Keron Adams

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