Street lights in Anna Regina are not working

Dear Editor,

For the past two months, the street lights within the township of Anna Regina from Three Friends to Walton Hall have not been working. This is dangerous for people and students at night, especially in the Cotton Field area where there are night lessons and schools. I tried calling the government electrical inspector at Anna Regina to report this matter, only to be told that government and GPL do not have control over the street lights; they were contracted out to Cummings Electrical in Georgetown under the previous administration and they are responsible for maintenance.

No one knows how to make contact with Cummings to come and fix the lights. At night, the street is very dark and it is dangerous for motorists to drive; some students and others were robbed of their cash and belongings lately. The petty thieves will wait for them on the dark corner, pounce on them, choke them and take away whatever they have, then run away. Drivers cannot see parked vehicles without reflectors at night, and many accidents have happened or are waiting to happen, especially at a bend or U turn when you cannot see the oncoming vehicles.

Many animals are roaming the roads at night and it is hard to see them at a distance without lights. Some are jet black and you only notice them when your vehicle is near to them.

Cotton Field junction should be repaired urgently because all the students and teachers wait there at night for their transportation.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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