New revetment at Cotton Field is important

Dear Editor,

I wish to congratulate the Drainage and Irrigation Department and the Regional Democratic Council of Anna Regina for constructing a very important revetment at Cotton Field, old road. The revetment on both sides of the main drainage canal will stop the erosion of the old road and the street next to the GT&T telephone company. This canal leads from the main canal at Red Lock and it served over 5000 acres of rice and farm lands within Three Friends to Anna Regina.

When the rice farmers release their water from their fields during the sowing and near-harvesting period, this water is discharged into this canal at Cotton Field, leading to the pump and sluice at Anna Regina. The water will then be discharged into the sea quickly because of the depth and heavy draught in the trench; it causes erosion on both sides of the old road in times of rainfall and prevents the housing area from  flooding. A canal was dug by Reed and Malik and company  from Three Friends at the back of the housing areas linking up this important canal to help distribute the excessive water at Anna Regina sluice.

The regional administration should maintain this revetment and clean the canal regularly. People have a habit of dumping plastic bottles and dead animals in this vital trench, which will clog up at the main road koker, causing the water to rise to the level of the old road. This has caused the housing areas between Bush Lot and Anna Regina to be flooded, especially when there is overtopping from the main canal at Red Lock and farmers release the water from their fields. This revetment will help to save thousands of acres of rice from being flooded, it will help the canal to  store more water at the time of discharge, and reduce the volume of water from the back lands.

The administration should plant some trees and flowers alongside the revetment; it will help to stop erosion of the soil and beautify the communities.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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