So many pleasant memories

Dear Editor,

Your weekly feature `The world beyond Georgetown’ featured this week ‘Saint John’ which is situated in the village of Hopetown, West Coast Berbice.

I grew up and spent my early childhood in this village, this would have been in the1950s. My family left Hopetown in December 1961.

My family lived in the Isaacs’ yard, which has three houses.   Our house, was to the west and the one to the east housed Jack Castello, who was the village dentist, at that time.

My father was a teacher who taught at Belladrum Primary.

The Isaacs’ home and family was a second home and family to my siblings and myself.

Ameer Ulla I do believe had the gas station and was popular as a rice farmer.

My brothers and I attended the primary school where Mr. King was the headmaster. I recall walking every Thursday morning with the rest of the school to the church at Fort Wellington.

The name Winston Blair sounds familiar from my hazy childhood recollection. So does the Thompsons.

I can recall roaming the Isaacs’ vast coconut walk, the many bush cooks and catching crab during the August school vacation on the seashore.

So many pleasant memories this feature has evoked.   Thank you for featuring.

Yours faithfully,

Shamshun Mohamed

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