GPL disconnected power though my payments were up to date

Dear Editor,

It was on Thursday 5th April that two guys called at my gate. They did not wait for permission to enter my premises but opened my gate and walked in. The spokesman said that GPL sent them to disconnect my lights. They asked me to bring my bills and they looked at them. I was so confused that I did not say much. So they disconnected my lights and went away. I called my daughter at her workplace and she came, took the bills and went to the Main Street office of GPL. She proved to them I did not owe GPL since all my bills were paid up to date.

She was then told that they would have the lights reconnected. Another crew came about 7pm and reconnected the lights.

Editor in the first place the men had no right to open my gate and walk into my yard without my permission. I remember sometime GPL had said in the press that no “ID card no entry”. These men were supposed to wait at my gate until I gave them permission to enter my yard. That did not happen the evidence that I had paid the amount stated on the bill was before their eyes but they were only saying that they have permission to disconnect.

GPL needs to reinforce the rule of no ID card, no entry and they need to be more certain that their records are correct. I have been paying electricity charges to Guyana Power and Light since 1999 and at no time did I owe for electricity charges. This was the first time that my lights were disconnected and I am not pleased with the discomfort I suffered and there was no apology from GPL.

Yours faithfully,

J Kadaru

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