New Supenaam stelling will boost Essequibo

Dear Editor,

The new Supenaam stelling will definitely bring a boost to Essequibo and it will attract hundreds of visitors with all the new amenities like a waiting room, washroom, canteen etc. When you land or travel through the old Supenaam stelling by speed boat,  one of the first things that catches your eyes is the shabby looking shed  and the broken and twisted step which you have to walk on, it’s a risk to life and limb. For decades the speed boat operators were calling on the former Minister of Transport Mr Benn, for a new stelling to be constructed which would be safe for the commuters and the speed boat operators, but he had no interest in it.

It is good to see that the new government and the Minister of Public Infrastructure, Mr David Patterson have shown the interest in putting Essequibians first by giving them a state-of-the-art stelling where they can travel in comfort and enjoy the breezy atmosphere without the pulling and dragging of their bags when they enter the stelling and are ready to board the speed boats. Many times I travel with my family the touts would pull  away their belongings without their consent, with this new stelling there will be order by the wardens. I cannot get to park my car when I arrive at the stelling as the cars and mini buses are parking all over the place, there is no order.

With the state-of-the-art stelling, there will be parking lots for cars and mini buses, no more disorderly parking, another unholy sight when you arrived at the stelling. Vendors and coconut water sellers took over the street, some even have permanent stalls and shacks on the revetment and over the river. The Good Hope/Pomona NDC allows these shacks to mushroom everywhere, the place is filthy with garbage strewn all over the place. It seems like there is no law and order there, people and vendors do all sorts of things in the presence of the police on duty. I hope when this $123 million stelling is completed the NDC will take good care of it.

Essequibians, have waited long for this project to come on stream. This will enhance tourism because the road is perfect from Supenaam to Charity. The Minister of Public Infrastructure should now embark on resurfacing the airstrip at Red Lock where tourists can  fly into the interior and spend their vacation at Mainstay Holiday Resort and visit the Tapakuma Lake and Dawa pumping station. With this new stelling I know that there will be a high influx of visitors to the Essequibo Coast.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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