Article 18 was proposed by those who have known oppression

Dear Editor,

It is a sad day when the many are stifled by the few. When our words are seen as weapons and our thoughts are viewed with guile. May we not say when we feel wronged, when we feel injustice is upon us or when we experience the religion of corruption? Is it only right for the few in power to take from us even that freedom of thought, of question, of belief in the will of many and our joint ability to encourage change and justice for all? How much longer will the few amongst us that are given the opportunity to lead take advantage of the gift we have bestowed upon them?

To see and not see, to discuss and then ignore and to participate with reckless disregard, these errors are the joint neglect for our people and our rights. Many have spoken of Article 18 and the dangers it facilitates, yet it was proposed by those who have known oppression, and has been neglected by those who have also experienced the sadness of lack of freedom and opportunity for full participation. How easy has it been for some to neglect their suffering while out of power. It’s a sad day for all who forget their past and think that the laws they embrace may turn against them not.

In silence you ask me to stand.

Yours faithfully,

Jamil Changlee

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