Mr Ramjeet emailed the AG about joining his team

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to a letter under the pen of Mr Oscar Ramjeet in the Stabroek News of May 4th, 2018 `I have never applied for any position whatsoever in the AG’s Chambers’ purporting to be responding to a letter from the Attorney General’s Chambers which had dismantled several contestations he had made in an earlier letter about the work of the chambers.

Let me say from the outset that I wish not to engage Mr Ramjeet in any public tit for tat if he so desires as this Attorney General is very busy attending to matters of the State and responding to the needs of citizens who have placed their implicit faith and confidence in him and the Government he is part of to lead this nation.

However, in the interest of setting the records straight regarding Mr Ramjeet’s claim that he never sought employment at the AG chambers and his idle posturing about his virtues, I have attached  unedited email correspondence from him to yours truly on different dates.

I trust that your newspaper will be kind enough to publicise in its fullest these emails of Mr Ramjeet as his attack on a sitting Minister of Government also extended to our Government.

Yours faithfully,

Basil Williams

Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs

Editor’s note: One of the emails supplied indicates that Mr Ramjeet forwarded his résumé to Mr Williams and asked whether he (Williams) would be willing to have him (Ramjeet) on his team.

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