I know absolutely nothing about this diamonds matter

Dear Editor,

I write to express my utter dismay and disappointment with an article published in the Sunday 6th May edition of the Guyana Chronicle; this has caused grave embarrassment not only to me, but also to my family, relatives and friends the world over.  It is very disturbing that the publication sought to contact its overseas source but unlike the other two Daily Newspapers, neglected to seek a clarification or comment from me before going to press and referring to me.

I became a member of the Guyana Police in December 1961, and served for thirty-five years with an unblemished record. Throughout my career I received commendations and awards on occasions of which I am proud. It’s apparent that the Chronicle article was designed to sully my character and to obliterate the standards that I had set myself and strived  to maintain throughout my career.

Editor, the publication speaks of relying on information provided by an ‘elderly Officer’ who resides out of the jurisdiction. Someone supposedly detailed by this now elderly gentleman, allegedly informed me of diamonds and I in turn instructed the bearer to take the diamonds to the Crime Chief Mr. Floyd McDonald. Does not this seem strange?

(Note: I have never seen any; I was never shown any; nor do I know about any diamonds.)

Please permit me to interject and point out that my tenure in the force was punctuated with being very meticulous; I therefore would not have dispatched the bearer without first examining the article or without some form of documentation.

I categorically state here that I know absolutely nothing about this matter and am open for any confrontation to set the records straight.

Yours faithfully,

Harley Davidson

Deputy Crime Chief Retired

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