Brassington not allowed to speak on charge

Dear Editor,

Here is yet another example of how the wealthy are allowed to breach the law, with the obvious assistance of their friends in the media.

Winston Brassington, was recently charged with misconduct and according to the law, he is not allowed to speak publicly on the matter while it’s before the court.

The matter is considered to be sub judice: “Under judicial consideration and therefore prohibited from public discussion elsewhere.”

Stabroek News is aware of this very law, especially since they have used it to prevent myself and others from discussing our case publicly. Yet, the double standard when it comes to rich people like Brassington who gets to defend himself in public domain.

Let’s see if the Chief Magistrate is going to initiate contempt charges against both Stabroek News, and Brassington. After all, what’s good fuh one, should be good fuh all.

Yours faithfully,

Mark A. Benschop

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