Senior GuySuCo managers upset at unprofessional behaviour of partner

Dear Editor,

Yesterday morning some Senior Managers from GuySuCo requested an urgent meeting with the Acting Chief Executive to express their growing concerns, disgust and impatience with the less than honourable manner in which the management of the Corporation is being projected in certain sections of the media, particularly on some matters.

The Managers are of the view that information which was shared in confidence with some partners, over the past six or seven months, has found its way into the media; some of which is sensitive information relating to contractual arrangements between the Corporation, its employees and corporate partners.

The Managers also expressed their concerns about the motives of these partners who are volunteering information on the Corporation, its employees and corporate partners to the media.

These Senior Managers have indicated that the management and the Corporation have been very professional so far in dealing with their partners and have requested that the Chief Executive (ag) submit a formal complaint to the Minister of Agriculture to intervene urgently, in an attempt to discontinue the unprofessional behaviour of its partner, and also to strengthen the integrity of the relationship with same.

It was also the concerted view of the Managers, that if the current way of operating does not improve; they will have reservations about engaging with certain partners in the future, given the apparent breach of confidentiality.

Several other employees of the Corporation have also expressed similar concerns to the Senior Management.

Yours faithfully,

Audreyanna Thomas

Corporate Communications Manager 

Communications Department

Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc

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