Animals roaming in Cotton Field gov’t compound

Dear Editor,

On my recent visit to the National Communications Network Inc at the Cotton Field government compound, I noticed that this place has turned into a grazing ground for animals.

I myself had to navigate with my car  through cow dung to get to the NCN building. The REO had promised when he blocked the drainage trench in front of the Ministry of Education to build a park that would be a gated compound and no animals would be allowed to roam the streets. These animals are destroying the infrastructure and breaking up the shoulders of the streets and drainage trenches in the compound.

The owners will tie their cows on the fences of the schools. They will break the fences which surround the government houses, it seems that no one is responsible for the affairs of this compound and the animal owners can do anything. Government has been spending millions of dollars on revetment and cleaning of these drainage trenches to avoid flooding of these schools, colleges and offices. The REO must see that we get the real use of this money. I personally feel that he can get rid of these animals which are destroying the government infrastructure. The town council has a pound for these purposes he can use it to impound these strays.

Yours faithfully,

Mohamed Khan

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