Questions for Minister Patterson

Dear Editor,

It is the private business of the Patterson family on how they deal with their personal situation with regards to an allegation of trafficking of a controlled drug (cocaine) against one of their members. It is, however, a public matter for the people vs Derrick Patterson; not David Patterson.  If anyone has an interest in this case, I suggest they take it up with the person who is charged and not use the occasion to personally abuse the Minister.

So the portions of the statement from David Patterson, the individual giving support to his brother must be commended. We all have families and if for any reason anyone of them falls into any situational challenge, it is our duty to offer them our love irrespective of how annoyed we are at their action.

That is why I was baffled that David Patterson, the person, chose in his statement at the bottom half to import the voice of David Patterson the Minister of Public Infrastructure into the debate. Since David Patterson the Minister spoke, I thought it might be wise to ask the Minister several important questions. 

1. Were the controlled drugs (cocaine) trafficked from Guyana to Grenada?

2.   Did the person on remand who is a relative of the Minister have a VIP Pass for our 

      international ports of exit (airport, etc)?

3. Does the security protocol allow VIP Pass holders to be checked for controlled

    drugs (cocaine)?

I would really appreciate full transparency and disclosure on this important matter.

Yours faithfully,

Sasenarine Singh

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