Travelling by speedboat to Bartica at night is awesome

Dear Editor,

Travelling to Bartica by speedboat at night is a great way to release stress, relax and enjoy the beauty of the river.

I’ve been to Bartica countless times, but never travelled at night. The night experience was different from the day.

A few days ago I was feeling depressed and stressed out, and I  wanted to get away and relax. I caught the last boat to Bartica.

The boat left just after sunset. Minutes into the journey, the Essequibo River became pitch dark. The sky was black and there was no moonlight or stars. The crescent moon was barely peeping through the clouds.

The only light that could be seen was the lights on the small fishing boats, which were everywhere. The water was choppy and the boat was going up and down like a seesaw just the way I like. The nice cool breeze was blowing in my face. I was beginning to relax and enjoy this wonderful ride.

The journey was a great stress reliever. My stress levels began to decrease. I was enjoying this beautiful moment.

Traveling in the river is a great way to forget about  problems and to feel better. Traveling in the darkness helped to clear my mind. It gave me time to think and reflect. It’s cathartic.  Even though traveling at night is less safe, it’s most definitely worth it.

Twenty miles away from Bartica we were able see its bright lights. I knew that we were approaching Bartica because I could see plenty of lights and the passengers checking their cell  phones for signals.

Signals mean that we’re back in civilization. As we approached Bartica, the first thing I recognized from miles away was the river walk because of its many very bright lights.

From a distance, it looked like a cruise ship. The next thing I recognized was the Mazaruni Prison with its bright lights but dark future.

Editor, I’ll always try to travel to Bartica at night because the journey was adventurous. The  ride on the river was dangerous but  wonderful.

Editor, simply put, travelling at night in the Essequibo River,   one of the mighty rivers in the country is an amazing, awesome and indescribable feeling and experience.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Pantlitz

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