Bulk of advertising in Guyana Times from the state

Dear Editor,

 I thought I would look at the Internet editions of daily newspapers in Guyana to get an idea as to where their advertising support comes from.

The Guyana Times, owned by Dr. Bobby Ramroop, a close friend of former President Jagdeo, gets about 70 per cent of its advertising support (in terms of space, I can’t speak to revenue) from government ministries including ministries of the presidency, public health, agriculture,  education and public infrastructure and agencies such as NICIL, GECOM etc.

Sunday’s (yesterday’s) edition of Guyana Times has full page private sector ads from Caribbean Airlines, GTT, Beharry’s and Banks DIH. The bulk of the advertising is from the State.

This is encouraging and a positive sign that there is no discrimination on the part of the State in placing ads to ensure it gets value (exposure) for its money. This is the kind of fairness that Guyana needs across the board.

Yours faithfully,

Wesley Kirton

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