I have no problems with Guyana Goldfields

Dear Editor,

It is with utter disgust and disbelief that I read a letter in the Kaieteur News this week suggesting that I was one of the contractors who hold a grouse against Guyana Goldfields which is very much untrue.

For the past few years, I have been retained as a private contractor to the company, hauling fuel and other supplies from Buck Hall to the Aurora mine in the Cuyuni of which I have received full payments for the work carried out in the stipulated time frame.

My relations with the company have always been cordial, making me well-known to both the local and expatriate managers and personnel. So I was taken aback when I saw a published letter with my name, Winston Morrison in the papers this week complaining about being cast aside by the company because of greed, because it was less interested in its local content obligations to grow local businesses. I wish to categorically state that I did not pen such a letter nor did anyone associated with my company.

The allegations contained in the letter are far from the truth as I have already been informed to be prepared for a massive project involving lead Peruvian contractors which will begin soon. This project would involve the stripping off the top layers of ore to prepare for underground mining. I am one of the pre-qualified and trusted contractors who have already been signalled to prepare to bid for contracts to haul away waste from stripping of ore.

After seeing the article in the Kaieteur News alleging that I was one of those attacking Guyana Goldfields, I immediately stopped in by the office and chatted with senior officials. Luckily, they were aware that a vindictive person with a hidden agenda wanted to include me in attacking them for purely selfish reasons. I have no need to do so.

I remain willing and available to do contract work for the company as my partner (Mr. Jaisingh) and I are well-equipped to handle any challenge Aurora Mines throws at us. We have available heavy-duty Caterpillar haulage trucks, excavators, haulers, tankers and cargo trucks to supply any needs of the company.

In closing, I would like to clarify that I do not wish to be involved in any way with those with hidden agendas that are participating in attacking the company, or in making inaccurate claims against the firm as I cherish my relations with Guyana Goldfields.

Yours faithfully,

Winston Morrison


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