National Ophthalmology Hospital still to resume cataract surgeries

Dear Editor,

The government has the power to ensure Guyanese pay taxes but in return it must ensure quality services are delivered to the Guyanese people.

Recently, the Public Health Minister, Volda Lawrence visited the National Ophthalmology Hospital in Region Six and announced the re-opening of this important institution. It was later confirmed when the Director of Health Services announced at the April statutory Regional Democratic Council meeting that in the next two weeks the National Ophthalmology Hospital would be reopened for cataract surgeries to the public.  This was welcome news for thousands of poor Guyanese who have been awaiting cataract surgeries over two years now. Unfortunately to date the National Ophthalmology Hospital is unable to commence cataract surgeries. This was confirmed when a senior government official called the doctors who said that only screening of patients is been carried out and no surgeries.

Persons who are awaiting services from the National Hospital  might either become  blind or may have to pay to get their surgeries  done privately at an exorbitant price all  because of the incompetence of the Ministry and the Government.

As a representative of the people of Region Six I urge Guyanese that we should  demand that this National Ophthalmology Hospital be fixed immediately to avert a national crisis.

Yours faithfully,   

Zamal Hussain 


Regional Health Committee, 

Region Six 

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