Yes to the gay rights parade

Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter published in your newspaper on May 30, 2018 titled, `Say no to the gay pride parade,’ by Bernice Walcott. I underscore the importance of having multifaceted views on a plethora of issues in our community, however when bigotry is hiding in religion, I am personally affronted by the same. While Ms.Walcott’s opinions are her own, I’ll point out two inaccuracies contained within her letter which are dangerous beliefs to have as persons will adjust their behaviour by such inaccuracies. I will not comment on the other points based solely on opinion and Ms.Walcott’s canonical moral compass.

Countries that have accommodated LGBT laws and recognize the rights of a disadvantaged group in society have had more tolerance for religious faiths, including North American and European countries. Ms.Walcott and other persons who share this idea that LGBT communities will somehow cause the morality of society to run amok should take a look around the degradation of our society which has been tarnished by a range of persons and groups including religious institutions across the spectrum. To squarely dump blame on a group of persons because they are deemed different is reprehensible. Secondly, man’s extinction lies squarely on factors including nuclear annihilation, wars, climate change and overpopulation. The idea is so ludicrous that same-sex marriage will cause our species to become extinct. We have a better chance of being annihilated by a meteor than by allowing same-sex marriages.  Such archaic beliefs are perilous since these are serious inhibiting factors that prevent meaningful dialogue and only add to the propagation of misunderstanding and ignorance.

Whatever happened to Christian values that demands one must love their neighbour as themselves? It is then to assume we must love our neighbour, in words, but not action, by not affording to the same neighbour, basic human rights? Where is the logical basis for criminalizing homosexuality? Religion and state are separate for these reasons contained in Ms.Walcott’s letter; we, as a society, cannot move retrogressively into the dark ages. If we purport to have true democracy, then every section of society must be afforded an opportunity to exercise their rights, whether it’s in soliciting money from the public for God’s work or a Gay Pride parade.

Sincerely in human service,

Yours faithfully,

Cassandra Persaud  

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