June 13th should be declared Walter Rodney Memorial Day

Dear Editor,

 What Guyana desperately needs is a time for healing and the APNU+AFC government in its third year of government is in a position to facilitate this. I would like to share with the Coalition Government the experience we have gained over two decades of “groundings” with Guyanese of all walks of life in the major Administrative Centres during our Unity Walks and the distribution of over ten thousand postcards of the National Unity Monument.

 Most Guyanese are unaware that the unification of the Guyanese Nation is founded on our common historical experience and the appreciation of our diverse culture. Being familiar with our history is one thing but being able to put it into the right perspective as Walter Rodney did is another which describes the unique Guyanese experience in the “Humanization of the Guyanese Landscape”, the role of Social Forces, Race and Class.

 It is quite regrettable that Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine, Walter’s closest comrade, as Minister of Education did not introduce Walter Rodney’s writings for children into the Primary School curriculum and his more advanced works of early Guyanese history to Secondary Schools. Dr. Walter Rodney’s writings could have set the foundation for our unsound educational system. Most esteemed writers and intellectuals regard Walter’s scholarly works as beyond genius.

 On June 13th, 2018, we once again observe the Death Anniversary of Dr. Walter Rodney, who during his short lifetime made an indelible contribution to the ideal of a united Guyanese Nation. Tragic as it was, it still offers the opportunity for Guyanese to come together, for the warring politicians to bury their war axes.

 Walter Rodney’s party, the WPA and its leadership have displayed political maturity  unseen in Guyanese politics in making possible the APNU, it was a decisive break with the politics of the old but its actions would be misinterpreted if the major group in the APNU, the PNC remains ensnared by its past.

 Based therefore on our “groundings” I would recommend to the Coalition Government that June 13th 2018 be declared “Walter Rodney Memorial Day”. It would be an auspicious day for the Guyanese Nation, a day in which younger generations are introduced to the life and illustrious works of this great son of our soil, Teacher, Historian, Freedom fighter, Father, Friend, Brother and late Husband of Patricia Rodney.

 On June 13th there will be the Observation of Walter Rodney Memorial Day on the Square of the Revolution from 9 am to 1 pm, all are invited.

Yours faithfully,

Desmond Alli

General Secretary of the Guyana

United Artists

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